Riverside Family Physicians is pleased to be a participating medical group in the


Manifest MEDEX is the new name for the Health Information Exchange (HIE) used by our group in the Inland Empire.


What is a Manifest MEDEX?

Manifest MEDEX is a health information exchange. Riverside Family Physicians, APMC is a participant in the Exchange. The Exchange facilitates the electronic transfer of protected health information (PHI) among participating health care providers. Manifest MEDEX houses and stores data in a secure environment and also makes the exchange of health care data among participating health care providers possible.

What is the benefit for a patients participation in the Health Information Exchange?

It is a way for physicians who are providing direct care to them with information that might be necessary to making the best medical care decision. One example, of many, is in the case of an unconscious patient being seen in the emergency room following a car accident and requires immediate medical attention. Medical information available in the exchange can be accessed to make appropriate and potentially life-saving medical decisions.

Important things to know about a patients participation in the Health Information Exchange / Manifest MEDEX?

1.   Only physicians with a need to review a patients’ medical information will have access to that patients records

2.  HIPAA applies to the HIE, which means that the patients' medical information is protected by federal laws, like HIPAA, that prohibit unlawful access of patient protected health information

3.  Patients have a right to decline participation in the HIE at anytime

4.  Information that requires patients' additional consent in order to be shared in the IEHIE includes: psychotherapy notes, treatment for substance or alcohol abuse and records of tests or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

Who may access information through the Exchange?

Only participants in the exchange who are a patients' health care providers may access information through the Exchange.

For what purposes such information can be accessed?

Information may be accessed ONLY for the purpose of the patients' medical treatment by the patients' health care provider.

Who to ask more information about the HIE?

Any member of the Riverside Family Physicians team.

Learn more about the Manifest MEDEX / Health Information Exchange below...




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