Reducing Unnecessary Tests


Riverside Family Physicians looks at different ways of keeping you healthy and informed about health.  Our group is currently participating in a study with the Medical University of South Carolina that attempts to evaluate certain approaches to reducing unnecessary tests per the United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations including the following:

  • Avoid routine PSA screening for prostate cancer
  • Avoid population-based screening for Vitamin D deficiency
  • Avoid colorectal cancer screening in patients over 85
  • Avoid cervical cancer screening in women younger than 21
  • Avoid cervical cancer screening by HPV in women younger than 30
  • Avoid cervical cancer screening in women older than age 65
  • Avoid cervical cancer screening more than every 3 years
  • Avoid DEXA scans in women younger than 65 with no risk factors
  • Avoid DEXA scans more than once every 2 years
  • Avoid screening with resting or exercise ECG for the prediction of CHD in low risk patients


The following are links to helpful USPSTF resources in the Choosing Wisely series:

Bone Density Testing (DEXA)

EKG Testing

Colonoscopy Testing

Cervical Cancer Screening Test (Pap Smear)

Prostate Cancer Screening Test (PSA)

Vitamin D



The following are relevant article(s) on:

Prostate Cancer Screening


The following are relevant Videos on: 

Prostate Cancer Screening Testing


We encourage you, our patient, to ask questions about these tests during your office visit.



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